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What the bleep do we know!?
What the bleep do we know!?
It's supposed to be a documentary. Somebody told me to watch it after I engaged her in a discussion about quantum physics. I did. Watch it, I mean. Well, I tried, at least.
Just a week ago, I was having a drink on a terras in Utrecht, and a girl sat down next to me, and we started talking. What do you do? What are your designs on life? What do you believe?
Shouldn't have asked that last one. Her answer was: I am being influenced by Earth Radiation.
Influenced by what? I asked.
Earth Radiation, she answered.
What is that? I asked.
Well, she said, it's this radiation, from the Earth.
Like cosmic rays? I asked.
No, it's a kind of energy. It's from the Earth.
Ah, reradiated heat, I responded, grasping for fleeing bits of common sense.
Well, to cut a long story short, she didn't actually know what the hell she was talking about. She was just repeating bits of popular mysticism, convinced that she was actually being guided by friendly spirits dancing on Earth-Rays.
This documentary 'What the bleep do we know!?' is a bit like that.
It starts with a catchy tune, some second rate video editing, people laying down tacky, meaningless and sometimes simply erroneous oneliners, bits of popularized pseudo-science ripped mercilessly from context.
After a while you start asking yourself, so ok, when are you going to get down to the brass tacks and give me info, you know, the stuff that you normally base an opinion on. Then you realize: the film is going to stay that way until the end. Nothing but non-information, non-sequiturs, non-sense. I think that the film was actually made to confuse people: trick them into thinking that they'll receive information, and then bombarding them with tacky lines and non-related cheapass imagery.
So. I've watched it. Take my advice: don't follow my example. I was this close to gnawing my right arm off when I couldn't find the remote. You don't want that. Spare yourself, give common sense a break, don't watch this piece of shit.


Xixulon Gralgrathor op 13-05-2007 16:42
Just needed to vent a little. This new-age crap really upsets me sometimes. You wanna believe crap, be my guest, but damnit, be a little less uncritical! We have brains, you know? It's not wrong to use them!
Xixulon Gralgrathor op 13-05-2007 16:52
Continuing on that note, will somebody please tell me when we invented antigravity, and when we learned to harness the energy of the zero point field?
$%^#$^What the bleep do they know indeed! IDIOTS! 
Xixulon Gralgrathor op 13-05-2007 17:33
Ah, now I get it. It's not simply a conspiracy against common sense and sanity: it's religion!
Asim op 22-05-2007 13:57
having a conversation with yourself?
how can you be so selfish?
and why don't you read "The Secret", hahaha ...
Xixulon Gralgrathor op 26-05-2007 14:45
Mainly because that's even *worse* rubbish. Why do people feel the need to fill their heads with rubbish? 
Marina op 20-07-2007 00:30
Ach... nu weet ik het weer. ;-) 
Gralgrathor op 05-03-2008 13:57
Ik had een soortgelijk stukje willen schrijven over het afgrijselijke stukje hersenrot 'The Secret' maar geef in plaats daarvan dit leuke linkje maar:
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